What Is Inclusive Care™? Holistic Information (1/3)

Imagine eating at your favorite restaurant: The scenery is familiar. The music buffers the background noise, the decor enhances your appetite, your drink complements the food, and your best friends are all engaged in a hilarious conversation. The food arrives, and the smell, presentation, and taste are precisely how you had hoped. You’re immersed in a situation where all of the conditions contribute to an overall experience, and you’re loving it!

Now imagine eliminating the music. You’d still enjoy the experience, but something would seem off. Now imagine taking away your drink, and perhaps one of your best friends couldn’t attend. For the sake of the experiment let’s also say that you’re suffering from allergies and can’t smell a thing, including your food. Not quite the same, right? With the conditions that are left you would likely still have a good time, but there are elements missing that could prevent this from being an epic memory. There’s even a chance that things could turn out rather unpleasant. The odds start becoming more of a toss-up.

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