What’s Your M•Power Score?

Nicolas Encina,
Founder, Modelo Health,
Director, Precision Population Health
Ariadne Labs, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Scientific evidence is increasingly showing that our health is the outcome of 5 interrelated determinants: (1) Clinical [11%], (2) Biological/Genetic [22%], (3) Environmental [7%], (4) Socioeconomic [24%], and (5) Behavioral [36%]. However, clinicians today focus primarily on clinical and biological influences to health outcomes. By some measures, that accounts for somewhere between 30-40% of care, leaving the majority of influences largely neglected. And when we look deeper into the 30-40%, we also find that our health care is largely reactive, taking action once signs of trouble present themselves, not preventive by using evidence to identify possible risks before they happen. So, in reality, this means that the 30-40% that clinicians are in charge of actually translate to far less than 30% of what affects your health and wellbeing. The devastating stats on maternal mortality, combined with the errors in diagnosis that make up the majority of paid malpractice claims in OBGyn, are a logical consequence of these standards of care. To be clear, clinicians are not to blame — neither the data nor the risk statistical models have been made available to them in any intuitive or useful way.

This is why Modelo Health was started. Our M•Power score is a weighted average across all 5 health determinants, personalized to your specific situation. We scan trusted and authoritative data sources for environmental and socioeconomic factors, and combine them with information that you provide us regarding your clinical, genetic, and behavioral history to generate a comprehensive and unique overview of what may affect your prenatal journey. We have also implemented clinically validated risk stratification models that analyze your data in order to provide insight into patterns that require attention, if not action. The result is the only comprehensive and personalized risk stratification system for pregnancy that uses principles of preventive care to empower mothers and protect their unborn children. These personal models of care are at the heart of the M•Power score, which in turn is the essence behind our mission to improve healthcare.

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