Modelo Health(TM) Offers First-of-its-Kind, Evidence-Based Solution to U.S. Maternal Mortality Crisis as Reported by CDC

Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a new report citing that preventable cases of maternal mortality increased from 3-in-5 to 4-in-5, making over 80% of deaths avoidable. The report further supports previous findings that these deaths are directly correlated with race and ethnicity, putting women of color and native populations most at risk. Modelo Health™, the world’s first pregnancy app for Inclusive Care™, is a ground-breaking solution to this escalating maternal health crisis.

¿Puede explicar qué significan los 5 determinantes de la atención médica?

Los factores que pueden afectar nuestra salud se clasifican en 5 “determinantes” principales, lo que significa que afectan la naturaleza de los resultados. El CDC los describe como “La salud está influenciada por muchos factores, que generalmente pueden organizarse en cinco categorías amplias conocidas como determinantes de la salud: genética, comportamiento, influencias ambientales y físicas,Continue reading “¿Puede explicar qué significan los 5 determinantes de la atención médica?”

Modelo Health wants to end health disparities in pregnancy—with an app

In this feature article, BBJ reporter Meera Raman shines a spotlight on the people behind the world’s first pregnancy app for Inclusive Care™, Modelo Health, as well as the company’s mission, unique approach to solving for today’s national maternal morbidity and mortality healthcare crisis, and the company’s early success securing pilots at some of the world’s top hospitals in Boston.

Crisis de Salud Materna: Todas las Manos a la Obra

Lamentablemente, el fallo de Roe v. Wade empeorará las cosas para muchas mujeres e incluso niñas adolescentes. La forma en que las mujeres manejan sus planes reproductivos es una decisión muy personal, y en muchos casos no tienen muchas opciones, especialmente cuando te das cuenta de que hay mujeres con razones médicas válidas que les impiden tener embarazos seguros por cualquier manera.

Maternal Health Crisis: All Hands on Deck

Regrettably, Roe v. Wade ruling is going to make things worse for many women, teens, and even adolescent girls. How women manage their reproductive plans is a highly personal decision, and in many cases it isn’t much of a decision to begin with, particularly when you realize that there are women with valid medical reasons that prevent them from having safe pregnancies in the first place.

Qué es Inclusive Care™: Equidad y Agencia (3/3)

De manera similar, en el caso de nuestro médico como observador externo, proporcionamos un plan multidimensional y holístico que modela las influencias de la salud y expone sistemáticamente los puntos ciegos a través de una visión más completa del paciente.

What is Inclusive Care™: Addressing Gaps (2/3)

Our life-experiences are typically an immersive set of conditions that create a particular memory. It’s usually not just that you were at the restaurant, OR with your best friend, OR that the music was playing, OR that you had great food, but rather a combination of things that lead to something that shapes you.