What's Your Birth Plan?
March 15, 2022
Many of my patients ask me whether or not they should have a birth plan. The reality is my birth plan for all of my patients is the same: healthy mom, healthy baby, and vaginal delivery.
About Modelo Health
February 28, 2022
How would you imagine the creation of a pregnancy app to begin? If you guessed with a pregnancy, you’d be right. In late 2018, Nic and I began our pregnancy journey. I was ecstatic to finally be pregnant and eager to learn as much as I could before Valentina arrived!
What's Your M•Power Score?
February 24, 2022
Scientific evidence is increasingly showing that our health is the outcome of 5 interrelated determinants: (1) Clinical [11%], (2) Biological/Genetic [22%], (3) Environmental [7%], (4) Socioeconomic [24%], and (5) Behavioral [36%]. However, clinicians today focus primarily on clinical and biological influences to health outcomes.