Modelo Health(TM) Offers First-of-its-Kind, Evidence-Based Solution to U.S. Maternal Mortality Crisis as Reported by CDC

Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a new report citing that preventable cases of maternal mortality increased from 3-in-5 to 4-in-5, making over 80% of deaths avoidable. The report further supports previous findings that these deaths are directly correlated with race and ethnicity, putting women of color and native populations most at risk. Modelo Health™, the world’s first pregnancy app for Inclusive Care™, is a ground-breaking solution to this escalating maternal health crisis.

Modelo Health wants to end health disparities in pregnancy—with an app

In this feature article, BBJ reporter Meera Raman shines a spotlight on the people behind the world’s first pregnancy app for Inclusive Care™, Modelo Health, as well as the company’s mission, unique approach to solving for today’s national maternal morbidity and mortality healthcare crisis, and the company’s early success securing pilots at some of the world’s top hospitals in Boston.